Our Story

Doccupations started with a pretty simple idea: finding a dental job or finding the right dental employee shouldn't be difficult. And yet it is. Part of the problem is knowing where to find a job or employee. Another part of the problem is figuring out how to properly cultivate your career and your practice.

We’ve solved both problems. First, we created our online algorithmic dental job matching service. All you have to do is sign up and answer a few key questions, and you will find the dental jobs or candidates who match your criteria.

Then we created our Career Advice Center, designed to answer your questions about your career development. New challenges abound from Residency to Retirement TM, and our Career Advice Experts have tidbits for every stage of your professional journey.

It starts right here.

Doccupations is a subsidiary of Eric S. Studley and Associates, Inc., a full-service insurance and financial brokerage company specializing in the needs of dentists.